Hackers Weekend, Dining Philosophers

We had a hackers weekend at 0xdata, inviting over some potential new hires (and all the handful of employees) and then having a weekend long whiteboard “discussion” – a long excited romp through the innards of what 0xdata is building, and what we can do better, and plain old how-to-solve some problems, which markets to go after first, etc, etc.

The furniture we bought isn’t due to show up yet so I tossed down some folding chairs and beanbags I bought from home, plus an aged whiteboard I had lying around.  We used an iPhone for a local wi-fi hotspot (the building’s Real Internet is coming Tuesday) – and the connectivity sucked.  Great for testing out a budding Cloud’s connection & repair logic.  Paxos worked flawlessly.  We stopped by Safeway for the required junk food and Starbux coffee, and ended up snacking in the sunshine, sipping coffee, and talking distributed & concurrent algorithms.  Dinner rolled through coding exercises, beer, the Right Way to run a programmer’s interview, more distributed algorithms, more beer, the comical errors of past VCs, and whether sex, beer or coding is better (drugs & rock-n-roll never made the list).  Holy crap!  If I had known running my own startup would be this much fun, I’d done it years ago!!!


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